University of Nigeria Vice Chancellor is doing everything within his reach to make sure that UNN meets that standard that will make it stand out as the only University of Nigeria.

The Online Moodle was introduced on 2017 and it has been used by students to write their Quiz and Examination online.

It started with general course subjects and as at now, some courses are been written with Moodle.

All that is contained here is a guide on how to use the Moodle. Although it is mobile friendly and easy to use, further practice will make you to fully understand how it works without any glitches during the online examination or quiz.

Before you will be able to take a quiz or write the exam with Moodle, you will need to log in with your school profile username and password. Then enroll for the Quiz or Exam with your enrollment Key that will be provided to you.

www.moodle.unn.edu.ng is strictly for Unn students and most of the courses they write online are General Study courses. The timetable for online CBT examination is always posted at the university official website for the view of the general public.

Accessing University of Nigeria MOODLE

Visit moodle.unn.edu.ng

Click on login at the top of the page

Enter your school registration number with the slash e.g. 2013183435 instead of 2013/183435

Enter your password which is the same with UNN portal login password.

Now that you have logged in, scroll down and select a course you want to enroll for. Enroll and visit back on your quiz/examination day to take the assessment.

The University of Nigeria Moodle will automatically give you your test score for Quiz only.

Though there have been a lot of technical and network glitches at the first phase of the Moodle use, those in charge are doing their best to ensure stability and good experience.

UNN Moodle is Good and Here to Stay.

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