MLB Review, Register and Make Money Online

Hello, today I will share with you how to make your life better on the internet. Many people have been testifying how they earned their living online while others are still there wasting their data on irrelevant things.

Here, you will learn all you need to know about MLB. We are going to review it and know if it is a scam or real.

We have accessed their website on and found out that it will be launched soon. Let’s get to understand more about it.

MLB is a financial peer to peer community where groups of elites who have studied how peer to can be sustained for many years have come together to bring about a sustainable community where people can grow their money successfully.

This is the only financial community where admin pays participant. It has not happened before in the history of P2P.


After registration, you will have to login and pick a package.

There are four packages in MLB, they have 10k 20k 50k and 100k packages respectively

After choosing a package, you will be matched to pay 20% of the money. You will now have full access to your account while waiting for the balance to be matched up.

Your balance will be matched up on the 5th day. Immediately, your money will turn green, this means it’s available for withdrawal.

NOTE: You will pay 10% for 50,000 and 100,000 PH. 90% will be matched up on the 5th day too and you will be able to withdraw.

About their Recommitment Plan

Yes, they have a fantastic recommitment policy which can encourage the participant to ph back to the system and also curb multiple accounts.

Here is how their recommitment plan works

Your money grows 70% but once you are ready to GH on the 5th day, you will be eligible to withdraw your money and additional 50percent growth but 20percent will be held back in the system if you ph was 10k or 20k but if it was 50k or 100k then 10percent will be held back in the system. All these happen if it’s your first withdrawal.

But if it’s your second withdrawal, 10percent will be retained back in the system and 5 percent if it was 50k or 100k

Can I Invest without Fear of Losing my Money?

MLB got you covered. You shouldn’t fear for anything because your money is save and secure with us. The security level of the site is high, it was designed to last for a long time that is why it has an unlimited host and https to avoid hacking and cracking

What are the plans to make the Community Last Longer?

Having had much experience in peer to peer donation, the admins have introduced a button called ADMIN LEVERAGE BUTTON. When there is low PH in the system, a participant can click on the button and an admin will be matched to make payment to him/her.

With that, there is no fear of losing one’s hard earned money.

It will also help balance the PH and GH algorithm which some peer to peer communities do not know that is why some platform after undergoing a lot of workloads crash.

MLB Promo

First 100 participants to pay their verification fee will get back 25% of their total deposit.

You will have to send a screenshot of your confirmation page and your account details to their telegram group to get your 25% back.

How to Register

To start participating, visit

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