All about 2018/2019 JAMB Registration, Requirements and Exam Date.

This is to bring to the notice of all candidates who intend to enroll for the JAMB 2018/2019 examination that all the required information has been made available.

Many people have been asking when the form will be on sale. After going through this topic, you will get to know when, how to register and all the necessary requirements to get you going.

NOTICE: At the time of this publication, the 2018 Jamb Registration has not commenced. Follow this page daily to know when it will officially kick off.

The good news is that you can create jamb registration profile and await the start of the 2018 registration. You will have to first validate your email address, and then proceed with the complete registration to have full access to Jamb Profile.

According to news from Jamb Boss, there will be Mock examination by January, 2018. Only interested candidates will participate in the mock examination. By this, he meant that the Jamb Mock examination is not compulsory, it’s just a preparatory examination to give interested students an insight of how the 2018/2018 Jamb examination is going to look like.

For now, you can download the Jamb App, Syllabus and the Brochures from the jamb website –

Here are things you need to Complete Jamb 2018/19 Registration

  1. A fully created Jamb Profile
  2. Jamb Registration Fee
  3. Jamb Accredited Registration Center Nationwide
  4. Other Necessary documents

Simplified explanation

A fully created Jamb Profile

Jamb has made it that all students registering for her UTME examination must have a profile. With the profile, you can complete Jamb 2018/2018 Registration, check admission status, login to Jamb Caps and many more features associated with Jamb Profile.

After the UTME examination, you can also use your profile to check Jamb result, do change of course and institution print original admission letter and so on.


Note: If you participated in the 2017 jamb examination, you must have created a profile, to that end, you don’t need to create another profile to register for 2018/2019 jamb examination. The profile creation is strictly for new candidates who have not taken Jamb before.

So, jamb profile is a must have for all the 2018 UTME candidates. I will show you how to create jamb profile as we move down.
Jamb Registration Fee

To enroll for the 2018/19 Jamb examination, you will have to buy registration scratch card or e-pin. You will also pay for Novel to be used. As at now, we don’t know how much 2018 Jamb form is going to be but it will not be far from last years price.

The e-pin was 5000 last year, there was also registration fee of 700 and 500 for the recommended novel. This made it a total of 6200 Naira.

The price for this year is not yet known; get to know how much it is here.

Jamb Accredited Registration Center Nationwide

After creating jamb profile and paying for the e-pin, you will have to visit an accredited jamb registration center to enroll for Jamb 2018/2019.

You cannot register yourself with your phone or computer. Cyber café are not also eligible to register candidates, only those who jamb approved and accredits have the access to the registration database.

You will have to be very careful to avoid paying again. Check the official jamb accredited registration center now to know where to visit.

Other Necessary documents

You need other important documents like WAEC or NECO result to carry out the 2018/2019 Jamb Registration.

If you are writing WAEC or NECO, don’t worry about this, when you get to the bridge, you will know how to cross it.

Let’s now look on how to create a profile which is a prerequisite to register for Jamb examination.

Here are things you Need to Create Jamb Profile for 2018 Jamb Registration

  • Valid Email Address
  • Secret Question and Answer
  • Password

How to Register 2018/2019 Jamb via Creating Profile

Go to

You can also use the direct link via

Click on Create an Account

Enter your email address and choose a secret question with its answer

Click on Verify email

An activation link will be sent to your email address.

Open the email to verify your account.

Important: You are advised to create an account with a valid email address because all vital information will be sent to the email you supplied.

How to Login to Your Jamb Profile

After creating your account, you will have to login to your profile to continue the registration. All you need to do is visit the official login page.

Use the same email and password you choose during the registration steps above to login.

Preparation Tips

Now that you have seen how to successfully register for 2018/19 Jamb, you need to buckle up and start preparing for success. Without preparation, success cannot be achieved.

Check out best way to prepare for Jamb 2018/2019 Examination.

JAMB 2018/2019

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