Job Vacancy – NPOWER Pre-Selection List Online Checker

In this guide, you will learn how to check the NPOWER Pre-selection and list of shortlisted candidates online.

A new portal has been released by the NPOWER team to aid in the checking of the status. All those who applied for the 2017 federal government empowerment initiative can head over to the new portal to know the status of their selection.

Its only those who their name appears in the Pre-selection list will go for the Physical Verification. There are some guides you need to adopt to access the pre-selection list database, I am here to help you check the portal with ease.

NPOWER released the pre-selection criteria when they announced how to check the Pre-selection Status online on their twitter handle.

Owning to that development, you can now check the status of your application with your Bank Verification Number (BVN). Recall that BVN was one of the vital requirements for the 2017/2018 NPOWER Recruitment application, those whose BVN was not correct couldn’t make it to the screening test stage.

Now, you still need your BVN to check if you have been selected or not.

Note that the pre-selection is not an automatic recruitment, all those pre-selected will still undergo physical verification and screening. At the end of the physical verification, successful candidates will be recruited and deployed.

Check: Requirements for NPOWER Physical Verification Exercise

The date for the physical verification has also been announced for all the pre-selected candidates. Now, let’s look at how to access the pre-selection list database via /#/preSelectionStatus.

Before we proceed,

300,000 applicants were pre-selected, the pre-selection was based on some criteria which includes

  1. BVN Validation and Online Assessment
  2. Achieving equity
  3. Linking selection to population using Federal Constituencies
  4. Addressing Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates
  5. Taking into account, Deployment/Utilization issues from 2016
  6. Correcting Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power beneficiaries
  7. Rural-Urban Distribution Balance. Priority was given to the Rural Areas especially N-Agro applicants
  8. Programme Allocation – Teach/Agric/Health

Requirements to Check NPOWER Pre-selection List

Before you proceed to check your name, you must have the following items

Your Bank Verification Number

An internet enabled phone

NPOWER Pre-selection Website

How to Check NPOWER Pre-Selection List |List Of Shortlisted Candidates

Visit /#/preSelectionStatus

Enter your BVN

Click on search.

If you have been pre-selected, your information will appear if not, you will get a notification telling you “Sorry! No matching record found in the preselection database”

Note: You must check your name in the pre-selection list with the same BVN you used during the online registration.

If your name appears in the list, congratulations but that is not the final selection. The final selection will come after the physical verification.

Check the date, time and venue for the physical verification to be informed.

NPOWER Pre-Selection List Database.

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