www.mynecoexams.comĀ Guide on Checking 2017 NECO Result for May/June on Checker Website

Just Like every other examination, Neco Result has been released so that all candidates that participated can check their performance.

Accessing 2017/2018 June/July Neco Result requires two major important things.

  1. Knowing the official Neco Website where you can check and print the result online
  2. Having your Result Checking Card (Neco Scratch Card) at hand

Having the above points in mind, let us now dive deeper into checking of Neco result Proper.

Remember, there are two ways to check the result. One is by visiting www.mynecoexams.com with the internet enabled phone. The second one is by using SMS code with any type of phone.

Whichever one you intend to use, we are going to give you a detailed guideline and some hints for a successful checking of the result on the portal.

www.mynecoexams.com has been activated and accessible by all candidates who wish to check their result. After checking of the result, you are advised to print it out and document it as you will need it to pursue your admission.

Checking Neco Result 2017/2018 with Scratch Card

Visit Neco Result Checker portal via www.mynecoexams.com

  1. Select year Examination Type
  2. Select year of examination
  3. Enter your card PIN number
  4. Enter your Examination Number
  5. Click on “Check My Result” button

Cross Check all your data before submitting to avoid printing the wrong result. If you make any mistake in your examination number or year, you will get a different result and that will warrant you to buy another scratch card to check your real own.

Note: NECO Result Card is N300 only.

Now that you have checked your Result, compare it with your Jamb and know your chances of gaining admission. Login Jamb and Check Now.

Remember to come back and share your Testimony with us through the comment section and encourage others.

If there is any need to contact Neco directly, find their contacts below


08069232760, 08052218069,

08052218070, 08126886938,

08126886939, 08189342653,



neconigeria@yahoo.com, support@mynecoexams.com

The NECO support lines are available between 8.00am and 7.00pm (Nigerian Time).

You can also contact NECO offices Nationwide to get your problems solved faster.

We are here to help you. To that end, we welcome your question, inquiry, and complaint about 2017/2018 Neco Result.

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